Tech Camps

For ages 4 - 14

Christmas, 17 Dec - 3 Jan
Chinese New Year, 21 Jan - 7 Feb

Across three locations in Taipei:
Tianmu, Dazhi & Daan

Hotline for parents:

(02) 7751-5333

Camps especially designed
for your child.

Cutting edge technology camps tailored for all skill levels.

How to secure your spot:


Download the free curriculum &


Fill out the online enrollment


Make the payment online or in


How many camps are we running?

We are running 4 camps, but the 2 micro camps have different levels of difficulty - yellow, pink and blue.

How do we decide which micro camp to put the kid into?

Their grade in school, no exceptions for new students.
Depending on the number of students there may be kids from different belts in the same class/teacher.
Existing students we know can bump up if they are good at Skyrocking.
If the kids are good, they will move onto the harder materials anyways, without the rest of the class holding them up.

What if the kids have already been coming to Skyrock?

This will be new material for pretty much everyone.
If the kid has done Sphero Spark before, they can do the Sphero Bolt or Sphero RVR challenges.

How do we charge for the camps?

Full-day camps for one week (20 hours over 4 days) - NT$14,400
Half-day camps for one week (10 hours over 4 days) - NT$7,200
Half-day camps for two weeks (20 hours over 8 days) - NT$14,400
FLEX - 10 hours (4 x 2.5 hour classes) at anytime - NT$8,000
FLEX+ - 20 hours (8 x 2.5 hour classes at anytime - NT$16,000Early bird is a NT$1,000 discount for packages of 25 hours or more (ends Nov 17th)

What are the 10 main things the students will do/make and what are the 10 things the kids will do in the Super Arcade camp?

Making circuits with conductive materials
Crafting game controllers using different arcade components
Virtual Reality painting and sculpting
Physics and engineering concepts in Virtual reality
Creating an Augmented Reality world on a cube surface
3D modelling and world building in minecraft using the Disney Imagineering Framework (DIF)
Visual 3D thinking and origami construction with Labo VR
Hacking and reprogramming the Nintendo Labo games and activities
Learning how VR and AR works